Legal Services

LLG Attorney at Law, Attorney Lisa L. Galliath, has many years of experience assisting numerous clients from around the world. We are proud to represent all of our clients and currently represent clients from over twenty-five countries. Some of the services that we provide include representation in the following types of cases:

Temporary U.S. Working Visas:

  • O-1 – Individuals of extraordinary ability
  • O-2 – Support Personnel
  • O-3 – Family Members
  • P-1 – Individuals of outstanding ability/International experience
  • P-1S – Support Personnel
  • P-4 – Family Members
  • B-1 –Domestic Employees (Housekeepers, Nannies, etc.)
  • H-1B – Degree Professionals
  • H-2B – Seasonal or Peak Load Need Workers
  • L-1 – Intra Company Transferees

Temporary U.S. Visitor Visas:

  • B-1/B-2 – Business/Tourist Visitors

Permanent U.S. Visas – U.S. Permanent Residency:

  • I-130 – Family Based Immigration
  • EB-1 – Extraordinary Ability

U.S. Citizenship Applications

Consular Processing Assistance